Brother v.s. Brother "Weekend Warrior"

So you want to tackle a "weekend" project at home?

Well, episode 2 of Bro vs Bro doesn't disappoint.  I'll warn you though, unless you have a lot of help, tackle only one of the projects you saw on the episode.  

This is one project you can definitely tackle over a weekend.  There is some minor plumbing involved, if you feel up to it, for the vanity. Otherwise, you can hire a professional for very little on this small renovation. 

Ok, here's some insider info on this episode. Some people asked me why I didn't change the existing tile in the bathroom. Well, keep in mind we only had 48hrs (actually in TV time it was more like 30 hrs).  I would have preferred to change the tile in the shower but if I had removed it, I would've had to redo all the sheet rock and waterproof the shower basin. Given the limited timeline and budget, I opted not to tackle the entire shower.  Instead, I prepped the shower floor and bench and layed mosaic tile instead.  Now, if you have the extra time but don't want to demolish the entire bathroom, you can  also have the shower glazed for a few hundred dollars depending on the size of the shower.

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Finally, it had to happen eventually.  Someone from Team Drew had to go. Unfortunately for Oliver, he was the first casualty. He did an amazing job while he was there. A great teammate and competitor. Don't let his departure fool you.  He would be an asset to any design team or project.  Ollie, you'll be missed. Tune in to see how this week's episode pans out. Jonathan and Drew decide one contestant from each team will go. I'm trying my hardest. Will I survive another week? Talk soon...