Core Values

At Font Designs, there is no plaque that hangs on the wall, spelling a mission and a vision.  We simply follow an intrinsic set of values that reside at the core of everything we do, serving as our compass to guide us through every action and interaction with our clients, our employees, the community, the environment, our suppliers, and ourselves.


because we strive to provide the very best of ourselves and incessantly work to improve upon it.  Always.  Without Exception.


because possessing and adhering to high moral principles and professional standards is non-negotiable and a duty where ambiguity cannot exist.


because people and organizations make decisions based on the solutions we provide and thus we must have the competence and capability to seek out the best solutions.


because what we do derives its value from our ability to break ground.


because paradigm shifts are a prerequisite for evolution.


About David Font Design

With design and renovation expert David Font at the reins, David Font Design is an award-winning landscape architecture and interior design firm with clients nationwide and around the world.

We thrive on always providing clients the highest level of service while creating indoor and outdoor environments that surpass desires and expectations – whether at home, work, while traveling, during recreational activities, or any other setting in which design can influence the way people experience the world and their lives.

Known for our ability to creatively deal with a wide variety of design challenges, David Font Design is the recipient of numerous awards, and our designs have have been featured in trade and consumer media, including HGTV, Luxe Magazine, The Miami Herald, The Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Design, Florida Travel+Life, Florida Design's Miami Home and Decor, Miami Modern Luxury, Telemundo, NBC-6, among other domestic and international media.


  • Landscape Architecture
    • Master planning
    • Conceptual design and theming 
    • Planting and hardscape design
    • Pool and water feature design
    • Green roof, balcony and terrace design
    • Irrigation design
    • Outdoor lighting design
    • Construction documents
    • Construction administration 
  • Interior Design
  • Renovation design partnering

Recognition & Accolades

Although exceeding our clients' expectations is the most fulfilling reward , outside recognition  allow us an opportunity to communicate our commitment to excellence and innovation 

hgtv star.png

2013: David Font was the first season winner of HGTV's "Brother Vs. Brother," a design competition reality series hosted by Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott.

2012: David Font was the first ever winner of HGTV's design competition show White Room Challenge, hosted by David Bromstad, Jamie Durie and Chris Lambton.

2009: David Font appeared in Jamie Durie's "The Outdoor Room," a design show in which Durie traveled the world in search of great design examples from which to draw inspiration for a design task at hand.  In the Miami at Mar Vista episode, Durie featured one of David Font's award winning designs.  (See the project featured here).

"David Font Designs’ reputation of delivering inspirational outdoor environments for resorts and hotels, coupled with Font’s knowledge of Panama, makes the firm the perfect fit for the design at Bijao Beach Resort and Golf Community."

– Gustavo Arango of Arango Arquitectos, the renowned architect of the resort community

"I have been working with David Font now for many years. His talent and creativity in the landscape design field is supreme. My knowledge of the subject is very limited and it helps to have someone of David's caliber to be able to incorporate into our design process. His design work in both residential and commercial projects is unique, well thought out and incredibly creative. David is open minded and easy to get along with, which always helps our projects run smoothly. All our clients thank me for referring him and are always happy with their final outcome."

– Michael Saruski, President, Saruski Design Studio


Florida's Best Awards 2008
Platinum Award for Landscape Architecture
(1.5 to 2.5 million Custom Single-Family Homes - Pre-construction)

Forida's Best Awards 2008
Platinum Award for Landscape Architecture ($750,000 to $1.5 million Custom Single-family Homes)

Florida's Best Awards 2008
Gold Award for Florida Outdoor Lifestyles (Pre-construction/remodeling)

Florida’s Best Awards 2005
Platinum Award for Landscape Architecture
($1.5 – 2.5 million Custom Single-Family Homes – Remodeling)

Florida’s Best Awards 2005
Platinum Award for Pool Design
($1.5 – 2.5 million Custom Single-Family Homes – Remodeling)

Florida’s Best Awards 2005
Blue Ribbon for Outstanding Feature

Florida’s Best Awards 2004
Platinum Award for Landscape Architecture
(Remodeling/Conversion/Historic Preservation of a Single Family Custom Home)

Seal Design Contest Winner
City of Doral, Florida
December 2003