Our Design Process

Every project consists of three basic phases as outlined below.


Site Analysis

During this first phase, we inventory, analyze, and/or document the physical characteristics and development capabilities of the site and environs, as well as take any necessary measurements and photographs in order to produce a site plan that is as accurate as possible.

Schematic Design

This phase begins with various diagrams, serving mainly as a study of the space, in order to begin defining areas and illustrate various land use alternatives.  Diagrams evolve into sketches and ultimately into an overall conceptual site plan, which will illustrate our solutions to the overall design.

Design Development

Once the conceptual site plan is presented, the merits of the plan and any necessary modifications are discussed and implemented.  This phase produces a design package that specifies elements such as treatments and materials, including hardscape and planting materials, furniture, finishes, site lighting and irrigation systems, among others.  This level of detail also allows for more accurate construction cost estimates.