Brother V.S. Brother Episode 1 first post.

So none of us really know what to expect!

Yes we've seen reality shows before, but what if you're on a new show??? You really have little to no clue what they want you to do. You think you're ready...but are you?

Day one of this competition is much like you're first day of high school.   You're walking into an unknown environment and everyone is sizing you up as enter "the arena".  You know it's kill or be killed for $50K and the title of America's top renovation expert. Well it's actually not that hostile. Put a bunch of designers, architects, welders and a Greek Drama..(J.K. Francis is a television gem) in a room together and everyone is hugs and kisses amazed at their incredible luck of making it on the show. 

All kidding aside, as you've seen, everyone is fiercely competitive and so far, it's making for a great series. Here are a few inside scoops.

Here Christy and I are frantically helping with demolition of the existing 10 layers of Peal & Stick on the bathroom floor. Fair warning, always wear gloves when demo-ing bathroom floors! Lots of nasty wet stuff.

Here's a fun tip. If you ever find yourself in a reality design competition and you're running out of time and accessories to stage with,  just find a yard of fabric and stick it in an IKEA frame. Suddenly, instant wall art.

Anyway I'm still trying to get the hang of this blogging stuff. As you can see i'm behind on getting this first one out there. Let me know what you want to hear about and I'll dish it up, if I can.  Good news is I'll put 2 entries out this week.