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See how David Font Design turns an ordinary South Florida backyard into an extraordinary outdoor space.


We experience life through design.

Therefore, when I am given the opportunity to plan and implement an environment that will impact the way people experience the world, I not only take the challenge very seriously, but also feel extremely privileged.

Whether it's a resort across the world or a private residence, I approach each project the same way: my job is to create bliss.


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Sometimes, we’re reminded about how meaningful our work can be in the least expected ways – like our kids and the things that inspire them. Every year at my daughter’s school throughout elementary, she was required to work on an independent “enrichment project.” A couple of years ago, when she was in 5th grade, she and a classmate decided to work together to create a vegetable garden for an underprivileged community. They were in charge of locating the place where they could execute their garden, reaching out to the mandatory people, receiving the permission, raising the funds, and implementing the labor needed to complete this project….

As summer is here, this Fort Lauderdale project reminds us that we don’t have to leave our home to experience a resort style oasis. By injecting unique elements, we can achieve the relaxation level that we experience at hotels, no matter the size of your backyard: it’s all about channeling your imagination and creativity. This home has gone from an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary oasis by creating a unique wall using statues and lighting to incorporating a handmade daybed which has allowed the homeowners to feel as if they were entering their own personal retreat. Check out our before and after video….

Today, for Turnback Tuesday, we are remembering the incredible opportunity we had taking on the project of Biscayne Green in 2016 (implemented in January 2017), where we were able to help bring the community of Downtown Miami together for an activity-filled 3 weeks. Thank you Miami Downtown Development Authority for allowing us this opportunity, we are happy we were able to bring your vision to life. 

What is a pop-up park?

From eyesore to vibrant. When the term ‘pop-up’ comes to mind, what do you picture? Do you picture ads that you want to block from your computer? Well, if you’ve lived in a city or are familiar with urban design, then your image of a pop-up is different, and shall we say correct in this case. Pop-up parks have been around for quite some time. However, in the most recent decade they have become extremely popular. Pop-up parks usually are found within urban areas and are temporary parks that are established to create a sense of activity, social interaction and community engagement….