Brother vs Brother episode #5 "Flu Hits Home"

I'm in the finals, baby!

I can't say enough about what an amazing experience this has been. I want to give Mark from Team Jonathan a shout. Seeing his work on the show, I realize he was a very strong competitor.  He'll definitely be missed. Keep in mind that I am seeing the other team's work for the first time along with everyone else on TV.  I didn't get to see it on set, since the teams were isolated from each other during filming.

This episode was the first time that I felt tension between me and the rest of team Drew.  Although you didn't see it on the final cut of the episode, I nearly lost it!  It was the the culmination of several weeks of working at a crazy pace and missing my family. At that precise moment, the difference of opinion between me, Monica, and Brett over the bathroom tile just got to me.  I felt I had to remind myself why I chose to put myself through this. So, I wrote "Love you Emily" on my forearm.  Emily is the 6 yr-old princess that rules my happy kingdom. She's my heart and soul -- the reason I wake up in the morning and push myself so hard.  It was only on screen for a split second, so in case you missed it, here it is!


Despite all that, I pushed through and and finished the tile in the bathroom. Luckily, we added enough value and I'm happy to say that Brett, Monica, and I all made it to the finals.  Even after all the tension, Team Drew was still all smiles after it was over.  

IT'S GAME TIME, NOW!!!  See you Sunday!