4 Remarkable Zoo Designs

Congrats to Zoo Miami for the birth of a baby Rhino! Akuti gave birth on April 23rd at approximately 12:30am! This is the second successful birth of this rare species and is the first successful birth of this species anywhere in recorded history to be the result of the induced ovulation and artificial insemination. Amazing! There are less than 3,000 Indian Rhinos left in the wild in small protected areas and we commend Zoo Miami for being an active leader in many global wildlife and environmental conservation initiatives.


Now that the baby Rhino is here and summer is nearing, a trip to the zoo is in order. When you think of zoos, typically an array of animals come to mind. However, have you ever thought about the habitats and who designed the animal's exhibit? Well Landscape Architects are a part of the team that design the zoos! Kudos to some of the amazing Zoo Design and Architecture firms out there! Here are some of our favorites.

Amazon_and_Beyond_exhibit_at_Zoo_Miami (1).jpg

1. Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami’s Amazon and Beyond exhibit was done by Jones and Jones. This exhibit allows you to experience some of the world’s most diverse ecosystem such as the tropical American rainforest, Amazonia region and more! Take a look at this link for some amazing photos and other wildlife conservation projects Jones and Jones have worked on.


Photo Credits to Zoo Miami

Philly Zoo.jpg

2. Philadelphia Zoo

Fun fact: the Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest in the United States. CLR Design prepared the Master Plan Update for this zoo which includes Big Cat Falls exhibit, a new children’s zoo called KidZooU and a new Aviary project, all of which look like an amazing time! Check out CLR Design for their Master Plan and other projects they have worked on!


Photo Credits to CLR Design

San Diego Zoo.jpg

3. San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo Africa Rocks exhibit was designed by ELM in conjunction with Seattle and San Diego-based design firm, Miller Hull and Quince Farm Studio. This exhibit was designed as an interpretation of the diverse biomes that exist on the African continent. This exhibit is home to 42 species, from sharks to penguins, and even monkeys!


Photo Credits to ELM

Buffalo Zoo Rainforest Falls.jpg

4. Buffalo Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo Rainforest Falls exhibit is PJA Architect’s most significant project to date. PJA created the exhibit out of naturalist rock, allowing for the plateau to mirror the “tepuis” environment of Venezuela. A 30 foot tall waterfall was created in order to replicate the Angel Falls, the world’s highest free-falling waterfall on Mt. Auyantepui. PJA Architects were able to bring the tropical environment of Venezuela to Buffalo NY. Job well done!


Photo Credits to PJA Architects

Again, kudos to all of these design and architectural firms. They’ve done an outstanding job! If you are interested in finding out more about how zoos are designed, feel free to check out the Zoo Design Conference webpage or attend their conference May 22nd-24th! http://www.zoodesignconference.com/